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Following the massive Chilean earthquake in 2010, Mercury World Cargo was called upon by U.S. relief agencies to move over 300 building-size tents, to be used as classrooms for the children that lost their schools in this disaster.  From tents to cherries, Mercury World Cargo knows how to handle all kinds of cargo.

Parent Company, Mercury Air Group

Mercury was founded in 1956 by three members of the legendary, World War II, First American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers—Thomas C. Haywood, Robert P. “Duke” Hedman and Robert J. “Catfish” Raine. The Flying Tigers continue to hold the top record for U.S. aerial combat victories. It is this tradition of teamwork, integrity and achieving strong results that drives our Chairman & CEO-- Joseph A. Czyzyk.

joe czyzyk with planeJoe, as everyone calls him, was born in Poland, the son of Holocaust survivors, he traveled Europe as a toddler and grew up in Canada. His parents moved to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and he became a U.S. citizen. With that kind of childhood, it’s no wonder Mercury is an international company.

Joe has visited nearly 100 different nations and has established business operations in more than 45 countries during his career, which started in the airline industry. He joined Mercury in 1984 to establish the company’s cargo division. As Chairman of the Board, he privatized the company in 2006, after nearly three decades on the American Stock Exchange.

From extensive travels to every part of the globe, but with a special emphasis on South America, Asia and the Middle East, Joe has deep international relationships which have allowed Mercury to expand far beyond its Los Angeles headquarters.

Civic activism is a cornerstone of Joe’s career. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce—the oldest and most prestigious business association in the City of Angels.

Privately held, Los Angeles-based Mercury Air Group provides jet fuel, air cargo services and transportation as well as support services for international and U.S. commercial airlines, general aviation and the U.S. government through three primary subsidiaries: MercFuel, Inc., Mercury Air Cargo, Inc. and Maytag Aircraft Corporation.

  • MercFuel is one of the world’s largest independent providers of aviation fuel, utilizing a network of over 400 third party fuel supply locations in the U.S. and over 1,000 international locations.
  • Mercury is the longest continually operating non-airline tenant at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Mercury Air Cargo is the #1 airline cargo handler at LAX. Mercury has the distinction of operating the Nation’s first TSA certified Independent Cargo Screening Facility, as well as the largest on-airport refrigeration unit on the West Coast—both located at LAX.
  • Maytag Aircraft Corporation is a U.S. Government services contractor, providing essential operations and maintenance services ranging from aircraft refueling, bulk fuel storage management and air terminal and ground handling to base operating support at multiple international and domestic U.S. military locations.

Mercury remains on the move. In Canada, we’re helping a major international integrator keep their packages moving. Between China and Mexico, our offices are sourcing capacity on numerous cargo flights. Of course, our U.S. offices are doing their fair share too.

After all, Mercury never sleeps.