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Following the massive Chilean earthquake in 2010, Mercury World Cargo was called upon by U.S. relief agencies to move over 300 building-size tents, to be used as classrooms for the children that lost their schools in this disaster.  From tents to cherries, Mercury World Cargo knows how to handle all kinds of cargo.

About Us

Mercury World Cargo is the world's premier virtual airline operating under a Part 135 FAA Certificate as an on-demand air carrier. We have been operating around the globe for over a decade. We specialize in making freight forwarders look good to their customers.

While size matters to others, size does not matter to us. We pay special attention to all of our customers and take care of all of their needs, from A to Z. We provide competitive rates through interline agreements on many of the world’s largest airlines.

Our management team at Mercury World Cargo is multilingual and multinational in scope. We can move and handle any kind of cargo, from large generators to livestock and delicate flowers.

We are known for our attention to detail. From the moment you contact to us, to the time your freight arrives, we keep you informed with the status of your cargo.